As you begin your journey, keeping a positive outlook is helpful.

I know that if you are feeling depressed this may be a difficult task but let me say ” you can do this”. Remind yourself that you are working towards self empowerment and together we can set some goals for the future. What you put out to the universe is what you will get in return. So be positive!

It is time to find yourself, identify stressors, find solutions, and create a brighter happier future.

I am looking forward to the interaction between us. As I’ve written before, your participation is important to being successful.

I have provided a message section and my email. I will do my best to teach, guide, and advise. The best way to maintain confidentiality is communication via email.

Tell me your interests, hobbies, and more. Your feedback on specific topics is appreciated.

I will maintain your privacy/confidentiality.

Stress Management Tips

This site is about becoming aware of your stressors and how to prevent adverse effects and alleviate the power these stressors have on you.

Today’s lifestyles, work, and other external stressors can cause the body, mind, and spirit to become overwhelmed with daily demands. This stress can lead to physical illness in the unbalanced body.

Here is an opportunity to empower yourself and create harmony and balance in an unbalanced world.

The Beginning

As a nurse for 30 years, I have seen the impact of stressors and how they can stress your body, mind, and spirit. I am among you and have educated patients, friends, family, and acquaintances with knowledge and applications to help them safely through stressful situations and times in their lives.

My goal is to do the same with my blog by educating you about terms and all the who, what, why, when and where of stress. Along with that, I will share personal experiences and my personal resolutions to difficult times in my life.

You are welcome to take notes, print out information, ask questions and share your experiences (if you choose to). As this site develops there will be podcasts, pictures, reading materials … I will share new updates and techniques as they surface.

Why do I feel this is so important?? Because when uncontrolled there can be disabling consequences. I have lost many family and friends as a result of suicide that were directly related to the stressors in their lives. If only one person is helped then I’ll have been successful.

I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery and growth. Together we can heal. You are not alone. I am here to help you along the path.

A Little about Me

My name is Julie Spears. Blogging is a new thing for me. In addition to keeping a journal, a blog lets me share the knowledge I already possess. I hold several degrees including an Associate in Math/Science/English, Associate in Applied Sciences Nursing, Bachelor- Journalism, Creative Writing, and Cultural Studies, AND a Master Degree in Transpersonal Psychology. As you can see I have a lot of knowledge and skills that I would like to share with you, beginning with Stress Management.

Why do this? Stress Management has played a huge role in my life and being able to accomplish various goals. Your goals do not have to be big. Something small is good to begin with as you learn what stress is and techniques to help you manage stressors. This is a good starting place to find peace, relaxation and calmness.

My goals for this site include helping others heal and providing guidance to help you do so, no problem is too big. Eventually, I would like to teach other topics as the site becomes more active. (Check out the “About” page and you’ll understand). Questions and input are welcome. Tell me what you are interested in learning.


I invite readers to post comments, questions and feedback.

Welcome to Stress Free.

Please be courteous of other readers and posters when you do. Everyone in need of guidance should get that here. Please do not discuss others posts. If your situation requires more attention – email me at gemstoneblu7@gmail.com.

***NOTE the address is case sensitive and MUST be typed in lower case letters***

I do have a background in Mental Health nursing but, I am NOT a psychiatrist. Advanced needs will require that you connect with other medical professionals as needed or advised. This site may be used in conjunction with mental health services.

The techniques we will use here are similar to in-person groups but is meant to provide a connection while you are comfortable within your own home. It is your choice if you want to have others participate with you.

You will only get what you give. Meaning the more you participate the better the outcome.

Thank you for your interest and/or participation.

Stressors and Life

Every day that we live we are confronted by stressors. What are stressors? Stressors are people, places and events that affect us on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels and cause us to become depressed, or angry, or confused and withdrawn from the world we live in.

These stressors can be a sick child crying non-stop, a disagreement or violent argument, or even daily tasks and finances. The list goes on. We become overwhelmed and feel like we are spinning out of control, and when it continues we begin to lose control of ourselves and the proper ways of responding to the stressors.

As we spin out of control we may scream, cry, withdraw, become depressed, or violent and the behaviors that result add to the symptoms you are feeling and experiencing. What behaviors? Think about it. How many people take drugs, drink alcohol in excess, have multiple arguments with others, or physically fight in an attempt to alleviate the symptoms they are feeling? Then comes the guilt and grieving for what happened as a result of those actions. Stress effects can be detrimental.

Where are you in the spiral of life? How do you deal with your stressors? Are your techniques good, helpful, and self-relieving? Do you need help along the way? Temporarily? You can only be “strong” for a period of time before you collapse again.

I suggest writing it down so you can face that stress and your responses. Keep a small journal for a week or longer and track your journey. Writing, in and of itself, is a good start to relieving stress as long as you use it to help yourself.

I welcome questions and comments as we proceed through this topic. Maybe we can help each other and others as well.