Time limitations…

have been horrible lately. Not only am I canning but, I have seemingly become a taxi service for certain people in my life. It’s not that bad unless they become demanding. So far I have canned several varieties of pickles, beets, tomatoes, and hot peppers. There’s more tomatoes coming ripe and green beans for dillyContinue reading “Time limitations…”

Evening Thoughts

Our dish provider cut our favorite channel last week. I find myself missing the programs I enjoyed. Watching other channels just wasn’t the same. Besides that, many of the channels had Christmas programs, some I have already seen either this year or last. A minimal stressor but still the change has led to other changesContinue reading “Evening Thoughts”


PART 1 : STRESSORS Stressors are anything that causes the “fight or flight response” and are perceived as a threat. There are two main categories: Physiological and Psychological stressors. Physiological affects the physical body and puts strain on the body. This can include chronic pain, excesses of heat or cold, injuries, to name a few.Continue reading “STRESS FREE”

Stress Management Tips

This site is about becoming aware of your stressors and how to prevent adverse effects and alleviate the power these stressors have on you. Today’s lifestyles, work, and other external stressors can cause the body, mind, and spirit to become overwhelmed with daily demands. This stress can lead to physical illness in the unbalanced body.Continue reading “Stress Management Tips”

The Beginning

As a nurse for 30 years, I have seen the impact of stressors and how they can stress your body, mind, and spirit. I am among you and have educated patients, friends, family, and acquaintances with knowledge and applications to help them safely through stressful situations and times in their lives. My goal is toContinue reading “The Beginning”