I haven’t forgotten about the blog just been very busy. Speaking of reconnecting, I have been trying to reconnect with an old friend. It’s been months since we’ve connected. She works all the time, long hours, and nearly seven days a week. Being disabled prevents me from working while many of my friends still work.Continue reading “Reconnecting”

Computers as a Stressor

Somehow I lost a post that I wrote last night. I posted using my phone and it never made it to it’s destination on my blog. Computers can be a stress producer like anything else in our lives. From lost documents to corrections and games, they can frustrate people to the point of violence. ControllersContinue reading “Computers as a Stressor”


I was reading the article “Caring For Your Mental Health During the CoVid-19 Pandemic.” Watching your stress level was the primary topic. Common reactions to stress were included as follows: Changes in eating patterns Having a hard time concentrating Difficulty Sleeping Fatigue Feeling angry A stomachache Increased use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs IfContinue reading “Reminders”

Stress Free Part 4B

Relaxation Relaxation is important to releasing the tension that builds in your muscles as a result of being stressed. Tensed and overworked muscles build up lactic acid which needs to be released. This release allows the muscles to relax and thus adds to the overall relaxation of the mind and body. This can be doneContinue reading “Stress Free Part 4B”

Stress Free Part 3

Effects of Stress Stress produces physical symptoms as a result of the body going into the fight-or-flight response. This is when the body goes into alert status and is ready for action. This response may lead to chronic stress and anxiety. Symptoms range from minor discomfort to life threatening changes. Most commonly seen are pepticContinue reading “Stress Free Part 3”


PART 1 : STRESSORS Stressors are anything that causes the “fight or flight response” and are perceived as a threat. There are two main categories: Physiological and Psychological stressors. Physiological affects the physical body and puts strain on the body. This can include chronic pain, excesses of heat or cold, injuries, to name a few.Continue reading “STRESS FREE”