Sundays are a do nothing days. It’s a time to recover from the week and to let your body relax. I have been canning and freezing this year’s harvest and lifting the canner and all the jars has been exhausting. I think we are done. We just did peaches and peach jam. Steve is onContinue reading “Sundays”

Time limitations…

have been horrible lately. Not only am I canning but, I have seemingly become a taxi service for certain people in my life. It’s not that bad unless they become demanding. So far I have canned several varieties of pickles, beets, tomatoes, and hot peppers. There’s more tomatoes coming ripe and green beans for dillyContinue reading “Time limitations…”

Harvest Time

The garden has reached the time when everything is getting ripe. Canning season has officially begun. I have been busy with making pickles, hot peppers, and tomatoes. Today, my plan is to make alot of golubkis (pigs in a blanket) and then freeze them for another day. When I take my time, it’s really relaxing.Continue reading “Harvest Time”


Children can be major stressors unless they are exceptional children. Children for the most part can be unruly. Behaviors can include yelling, screaming, running, jumping on furniture and throwing balls and toys in the house. Only to mention a few behaviors. Any parent will reach wits end in no time. Children need guidance early onContinue reading “Children”

Stress Relief

I attended a workshop today called STRESS LESS HEALING. I thought it might provide some new information about relieving the effects of stress on the body. There are 6 dimensions of well-being. These are physical, emotional, spiritually, intellectual, occupational, and social. Stressors can be external, environmental, social, internal, energy depletion, non- homeostasis, chakra balance. HansContinue reading “Stress Relief”

Night Time

I really enjoy night time. Everyone else is sleeping and the house is quiet. I have time to write and think and do things I was not able to do during the day. It’s the time of day for peace and relaxation, although, I don’t get much sleep. I worked midnight shift for many yearsContinue reading “Night Time”

It’s Raining…

… it’s pouring … But I’m in my own little space. Alone and with time to do what I need to and have to do. I really don’t mind the rain except that I hurt more but I can manage most of that. My granddaughter is sleeping (not feeling well) and hubby is gone forContinue reading “It’s Raining…”

Keeping Busy

Keeping busy keeps my mind off my physical pain and allows me to somewhat function and get tasks done. I know I will feel fatigued by the end of the day but, I have to get copies made and copies sent out in email and snail mail. I also managed to practice guitar twice thisContinue reading “Keeping Busy”

Legal Stuff

When people become unreasonable it becomes time to get an attorney involved. I, currently, have an ongoing legal issue that will go back to court on Sept. 1, 2021. The attorneys expect the client to come up with paperwork and other documents to make the case. They are the collection point and “legal” representative. IfContinue reading “Legal Stuff”

Depression Tips

( I thought this would be helpful. Read it to the end.) Shower. Not a bath, a shower. Use water as hot or cold as you like. You don’t even need to wash. Just get in under the water and let it run over you for a while. Sit on the floor if you needContinue reading “Depression Tips”


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