Children can be major stressors unless they are exceptional children.

Children for the most part can be unruly. Behaviors can include yelling, screaming, running, jumping on furniture and throwing balls and toys in the house. Only to mention a few behaviors. Any parent will reach wits end in no time.

Children need guidance early on or parents lose control and the children become wild and fearless. They frazzle your mind, wreak havoc with the nerves, and create total exhaustion for parents.

Teens and tweens can be the same way but in more dangerous ways. They start cooking, using knives, riding and driving with friends, and who knows what else. They have temper tantrums and screaming arguments.

As parents, we’re expected to be patient with our children (all ages). Some parents get medications to help them cope with anxiety and nerve symptoms.

Meditation, deep breathing, relaxation techniques can all do the same as drugs ( legal and illegal). The techniques need to be applied before reaching a breaking point. In a few minutes stress can be relieved and exercises can be done as often as necessary. There’s no set schedule.

Yep, children can be major stressors and when added to job or illness stressors can have a dramatic effect. They will bring you to tears and to your knees if you let them. Early intervention is vital.


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