Stress Relief

I attended a workshop today called STRESS LESS HEALING. I thought it might provide some new information about relieving the effects of stress on the body.

There are 6 dimensions of well-being. These are physical, emotional, spiritually, intellectual, occupational, and social.

Stressors can be external, environmental, social, internal, energy depletion, non- homeostasis, chakra balance.

Hans Sele coined the term ” stress” in 1936 – the beginning of stress research. He defined stress as a nonspecific response by the body to any demand for change.

Any events that threatens well-being leads to a three stage response. There’s the alarm stage, resistance, and exhaustion stages.

Stress defines stimuli and response to that stimuli. When we are not in harmony we call it dis-ease.. Striving for homeostasis reduces stress and invokes calmness and increases energy, resilience, and improves mental clarity and performance.

Skills required to alleviate stress include adaptability, resilience ( ability to cope), emotional vitality ( sense of positive energy to regulate self and emotions), and stress management ( ability to deal with a change).

Then we get to find solutions. The first is to leave or walk away silently. Others in include learning to say ” no.” You can find an activity and set an intention, protect yourself.

Avoid self- criticism, worst case scenarios and black and white thinking, and self defeating thoughts.

Practice positive coping skills – like breathing, mindfulness, relaxation, time management, setting boundaries, and assertiveness training.

I will break this down more later but I wanted you to get the jist of handling stress in your life. Questions are welcome. Good night for now.


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