Night Time

I really enjoy night time. Everyone else is sleeping and the house is quiet. I have time to write and think and do things I was not able to do during the day. It’s the time of day for peace and relaxation, although, I don’t get much sleep.

I worked midnight shift for many years so being awake is a natural thing for me. It’s like my internal clock runs in reverse. That’s not to say that there are some nights that I cannot keep my eyes open. My body tells me when it is time to sleep. This can happen at any time of day or night. The CFS kicks in and says “It’s time to sleep” and no amount of effort will keep me awake.

This has happened at home, while driving, and working on something. It has such strength that the next thing I know I am snapped awake. Sometimes it scares me and leaves me disoriented. It is difficult to remember what I was planning to do.

Tonight, my back is pinching. When I do sleep, it will be restless. I have medication to keep me awake during the day. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t sometimes. I do my best to keep functioning though.

Tonight I feel rather tired. The weather has been hot and humid. This adds to the CFS making it even harder to keep awake. I believe it’s time for me to rest before the CFS shuts me down for the night.

So nite for now. More another time. Sleep well all and I will write again soon.


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