It’s Raining…

… it’s pouring … But I’m in my own little space. Alone and with time to do what I need to and have to do. I really don’t mind the rain except that I hurt more but I can manage most of that.

My granddaughter is sleeping (not feeling well) and hubby is gone for the day. The dogs are the only other thing moving inside the house and most of the time they just sleep.

Getting a little anxious about the coming week. My son and his family are going to be here for the holiday. My hubby is going on a trip to Maine in about a week. I’m happy to be able to see my son and family as CoVid has kept us apart for way too long. The baby just turned 2! Time is really flying by.

My hubby’s trip to Maine is with a friend. He’s never really gone anywhere without me. So he says he will be a bit lost at first— at least until he gets to clamming and other activities. I’m anxious because I will have the house all to myself for a whole week. Never had that before. Was always kids or someone around.

I practiced guitar again this morning and have enough of a callus on finger tips that it doesn’t hurt so much. Was able to practice for about an hour. I’m proud of myself for that. Guess it shows I have dedication. It also helps me to relax.

Well, Pray that there are good travel days and safe travel for them all. The rain is finally letting up. We’ve had thunderstorms all morning. Time to check the mail.

To another day….


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2 thoughts on “It’s Raining…

  1. Great Jewels ! Keeping busy doing what you enjoy doing is excellent stress relief i bet. The monsoon with thundering thunder and lightning and hail was my highlight this morning. …. proud of you taking up giutar too Juls ! You and Steve can one day play music together ! Love you much….thanks !


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