Legal Stuff

When people become unreasonable it becomes time to get an attorney involved. I, currently, have an ongoing legal issue that will go back to court on Sept. 1, 2021.

The attorneys expect the client to come up with paperwork and other documents to make the case. They are the collection point and “legal” representative. If you go without the representative, you could very well lose.

The other party, always thinks they have the upper hand. Little do they know, they don’t know me. I always have copies and the other documents needed. I have pretty good computer skills too and can figure out most things with minimal difficulty.

Anyways, I contacted my attorney for advise today and have spent my morning getting and sending papers to her. I exhausted today already and it’s only noon. Mentally exhausted.

It’s these situations that require a calm personality. Deep Breathing exercises help me to rebalance and find strength and peace while dealing with all these people. Best way to keep stress in check.


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