I believe you never quit learning all your life. We learn something new everyday whether we want to admit it or not. Some learning is intentional but the majority is not.

Each new tidbit comes to us through conversation, reading, or doing something. We can recognize these tidbits easily because we say “I didn’t know that.” If you acknowledge the tidbits as they happen you will see that you learn several new things every day.

If you keep a journal be sure to write them down for future reference. I journal on a regular basis. It is a great way to learn about yourself, what you think about, what you do with your time, who, what, where, when…. the list goes on. I always suggest that you write for several days and then go back and re-read the pages you wrote. What did you learn from those experiences? Who helped you or didn’t help you? As you read the words you wrote what does it make you think about?

People with mental health issues can benefit from keeping a journal. It can help them identify why they feel or act the way they do and often journal writing brings up a memory(ies) that originally led to their illness(es). This could be helpful to counselors and other professionals handling treatment.

There are many things that you can learn. A journal provides a written reminder of what was important to you. It can also provide your family a history of you and your family. Write about anything and everything.

Carpe Diem!!!! You never know what you will find.

(Seize the Day)


Published by Julie Spears

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