Rainy Days…

…are the worst with a pain that doesn’t hurt. Words from a song my husband wrote. So true. Some pain hurts but emotional pain is different. It’s a pain that doesn’t physically hurt but can add to the pain that does hurt.

Emotional pain makes physical pain feel more intense because it creates a depressed mood within us. Everything seems worse when we are depressed. If you are already depressed, it makes that depression seem worse too. A never ending circle that we then have to break to reach normal.

Today is a rainy day (here in New York). I have physical pain but it seems more intense today. My pain med seems to have little effect. I need to find something to do to keep my mind busy so I don’t dwell on the pain. When we keep our minds busy and occupied with something else we are less prone to focus on the physical pain.

The pain may or may not decrease but we become less aware of the intensity. The activity occupies our mind and physical body during its duration and makes it easier to get through the day. Activity is necessary for mental ease and physical fitness. It may be something mild like cleaning dishes or more intense like exercise.

Exercise is not going to cut it today so my plan is to start working on my craft and sewing room. I can work on a little bit or alot depending on the mental awareness focused on that activity. The activity does not have to last all day, only as long as you can maintain awareness and comfort. Afterwards, take a short nap to recharge.

I have a couple things I could do today so the plan is to start with a low energy one and work my way up to one that requires more energy and focus. After that the plan is to take a nap and recharge. Hopefully, the pain will decrease and make my day tolerable.


Published by Julie Spears

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