I have started a new endeavor – I decided that I want to learn to play guitar. My hubby plays and he has been answering my questions and demonstrating at times. My granddaughter wants to learn with me!

I am working on getting 5 chords down before I can attempt a song. Able to strum chords about 10-15 min now. The book says you have to build calluses on your finger tips and that happens with practice.

🎵 Music 🎶 will be helpful on bad days because my mind will be occupied with music instead of the pain.

I got word yesterday, I was approved for Orencia. I’m anxious to get it started. I know it works for me and then some.

These new endeavors can be a good thing but time involved with learning and the med working make for a stressful 4 weeks. I am staying positive ( at least right now)

I am remembering my stress management to get me through. I have been reviewing the earliest posts on my blog. It helps a lot.

Wish me luck. I will keep you posted.


Published by Julie Spears

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