Helping Others

I don’t mind helping others occasionally but, When it becomes almost a daily thing it becomes overwhelming for me. I have my own life to deal with and some people think you should drop everything to help them. They call all the time and when you agree to take them somewhere, there are other stops they need to make. A 15 minute trip becomes a 2 to 3 hour adventure minimum.

My brothers and my friend have no idea how this all stresses me. They call any time day or evening or text me. I tell them when I have appointments and I refuse to cancel them to do their errands. I feel I am important too. (Setting some boundaries.)

My pain levels have been off the charts lately and I am still waiting to hear from Orencia so, I can get the med that works for me. Right now only have pain med and Advil to partially relieve the discomfort. All these errands and other appointments make it harder to function in my own life.

I just got home from one such day of travels. I had an appointment at the allergist and my brother had an appointment with the vein doctor. My time was 11:15 am and his was at 1:15 pm. So he rode with me and waited outside while I was at my appointment and then we stopped at Burger King for food before going to his appointment. We were about an hour early. The doctor wasn’t back from lunch yet. Luckily, my brother went in a little early once the doctor got back and he got right in. Then on the way home we needed to stop at Dollar General so he could buy some groceries. I took him home after that. That was a 6 hour day just doing that. With my friend and her appointments it is usually an 8 or 9 hour day.

These trips are emotionally and physically draining for me. These are days when I need to meditate and do stress reduction exercises. I feel that today, my meditation will be so I can sleep tonight. I already took a shower today before starting my journey although, a nice hot bubble bath sounds great.

Guess I will review some of the techniques for Stress Management and work at finishing out my day with an early bedtime.


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