Computer Stressor

I wrote about computers once before but today has been a stressful computer day. Not everything is user friendly.

I needed to send a fax to a pharmaceutical company. I’m trying to get the Orencia through the company. So, I searched the internet for free faxes. Couldn’t find the one I used last time but did find a different one.

The fax setup was easy enough but my computer wasn’t. I had to scan in the documents first. So I figured out how to scan them in and then couldn’t find the files. So I did it again as Jpegs and it worked. They were in the computer.

I did a drag and drop to put them in the fax and sent them off. Before I reached this point I had to reset my password for One Drive so I could access my pictures. EVERYTHING has user names and passwords. I have them written down just so I can remember them only these ones I couldn’t find. The stress it creates when things don’t go smoothly.

All in all – I was successful and had gotten the confirmation email that it was sent to it’s destination. Now to call in a few hours to check on it. As I sat there for a few minutes, I found an edit button. Curiously, I checked it out. I realized I never manually signed my letter! So I pulled up the letter and was able to enter a signature on the letter and resend it.

After todays fiasco, I can now arrange the process order next time I have to send a fax and decide to use the internet fax machine.

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