Laughter is the best medicine, and helps alleviate symptoms of stress. My biggest stressor this weekend has been pain all day and all night.

I decided to watch America’s Funniest Home Videos tonight and the laughter made me feel better to some degree. Something about laughing at other peoples goof ups. Laughing alleviates the tension and hence alleviates the intensity of pain.

I find that it is often difficult to laugh when life is difficult. It’s when I finally get a chance to sit in my chair to relax and watch television that I can consciously alleviate the pain and tension stressors.

I laughed at the videos and the pain seemed to fade away. The temporary relief is great but I also know that when I get up and actually move around that the pain will begin to increase with each task I do. Time to feed the dogs.

Okay. Fed dogs and put dinner foods away. now I’m back to hurting. I’ll have to watch more television to divert my attention from the pain to the show. Sometimes, I think that the more your mind focuses on the pain the more intense it seems but, then I question myself because the pain is very real with a real cause.

Meditation is a good option too. It diverts the attention, incorporates relaxation and breathing, It is a good way to get through the pain and if need be, to get some sleep. Sleep is supposed to alleviate the exhaustion that is felt with pain and allow the body to “heal.” What I have will take much more to bring about true healing but, it does help with decreasing pain levels.

I do what I need to get relief. Laughter is at the top along with meditation and sleep.


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