Another Day Another Time

I started my day peeling rhubarb for strawberry-rhubarb pie. Hubby picked the rhubarb and as usual, over did it. I ended up freezing 3 bags of rhubarb plus making a pie.

Like I said yesterday, anything in our daily lives can become a stressor especially when your body is wracked with pain. (The new med hasn’t kicked in yet.) I find myself questioning my abilities to complete the task at hand.

I know I can’t make a pie crust so I get store bought. +1 for me. I had already cut the pie filling and needed to put it in the crust. +2 for me. I only had one crust so I decided to make a crumble crust for the top. +3 for creativity. Baked it without burning it. +4.

But as I am making the pie, I am asking myself if it will be any good? Did I add enough sugar? Did I make the crumble correctly and with enough cinnamon?? Can I keep it from boiling over inside my stove? This is what stress does especially if you are feeling anxious about life or anything you want to attempt.

While the pie baked, I gave the dogs a bath. That was quite a task because my dogs don’t like baths. Thankfully they are small dogs. I again contemplated the task at hand. I bought a small children’s pool earlier and filled it with water. I caught one dog and bathed him and then the other. No small task, as the smaller one attempts to jump out and frequently shakes to get the water off. What a test of strength when you don’t have any to spare.

Thank God my granddaughter is well behaved. She came over today to spend the night. After I was done with the pool, we dumped it out, rinsed it and refilled it so she could play in the water. She played all afternoon and when ready decided it was time to dump it again so we did. This part was a bit of a reprieve because all I really needed to do was watch her and relax. We had mac & cheese and all is well for now.

As for the pie, we’ll see how well it turned out when hubby has his bedtime snack. I can trust he’ll say he likes it. Any dessert is good to him as he is a person able to eat just about anything.

Me? I made it through another painful day and am looking forward to a warm bath and some sleep.


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