I’m B..a..c..k

My computer is back in service so I can start posting again so as I said I am Back!!!! Well folks, the stress levels have been very high in recent weeks.

What causes me stress???

  • Sneaky doctors who order meds and don’t tell you that they’ve ordered it and then order labs without telling you and let an automated system deliver a message that he’s placed an order. It angers me. I deserve to know what you are doing through human communication.
  • I had a med that finally worked. The problem was the copay at $1512 per month. Can’t afford that as I am on disability and my spouse is on unemployment, BUT we made too much in 2020 to qualify for the patient assistance program. I wrote the company a letter. Hoping to change their decision.
  • Doctor started Xeljanz as the substitute. Now to wait and see if it works. The office is applying for the patient assistance program. If approved the meds come directly from the company. There’s a few drawbacks though. There’s a risk of infections and clots because it is an immunosupressant.
  • My friend causes me stress. She is schizophrenic and when she has a bout she tends to ramble and is paranoid of everyone. She strongly believes someone broke into her home and went through it. Like going through piles of magazines and boxes and reading her medical paper, taking batteries and other stuff. She later finds them someplace in her home or slips up when talking about something that was missing. She has gone so far as to put new heavy duty locks on her doors. She whines and cries then gets angry and demanding. Still dealing with this one (she refuses to take meds). A hoarder.
  • To add to that, there’s going to my appointments and taking my friend to her appointments. To top it off, my husband thinks he has to create jobs for me to do when I am home alone. He recently brought home a dresser and wanted the laundry room cleaned. He got two recliners and we had to figure out how to fit them into the living room and then instead of sitting in his recliner he continues to sit on the couches. (I still haven’t figured out where to put the floor lamp). Still haven’t gotten to putting up bird feeders and cleaning the cat box this week. Soon there will be canning to do as the garden starts producing.

On a better note, I have managed to allow myself to take a nap when needed, a deep breath (or few) when upset, and meditate when I really need to let go. Sometimes, I do a release when it’s more than I can handle. I have also finished crocheting and stuffing three stuffed toys for grandchildren for Christmas. I try to maintain a positive attitude and sometimes that includes laughter. I even made time to call a few friends just to talk.

Stress can be overwhelming but following the suggestions to overcome have helped a great deal. Everyday, there are stressors. Every situation can be a stressor. But keeping them at bay has let me maintain my sanity.


Published by Julie Spears

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