Time seems to go by so fast except when you want it to. I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I have posted. Seems like it was just yesterday!

So many things have gotten in the way lately. I have been crocheting stuffed toys and it seems like it is taking longer than usual when it really isn’t. My RA has slowed me down a little but not THAT much.

I am still trying to find time to do some reading and the concentration to get it done. Seems like my plans keep getting scrubbed because of unexpected changes.

Frustration and anxiety have been at a high. I have been feeling stressed 😥 to the point of a racing heart and shakes. Meditation helps and when I am at home I can do an activity that relieves the physical changes. I tried taking a book 📚 or my crocheting with me when on the go but they’re hard to concentrate on when you’re frustrated.

Well, working on all of the above and “the plan” is to keep up with my posts and still deal with the other stuff too. Wish me luck!!!

Published by Julie Spears

I have an extensive information ABOUT me on my site. gemstoneblu7stressfree.com

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