Art Rios

Well, after checking out the cover, I read the back cover of Let’s Talk…About making your life exciting, easier, and exceptional. I found something that interested me…

When, where, and why stood out in bold print. When teaching, these same words were part of my Story Writing class. The reason being if you ask yourself…

Who, when, where, what, and why you can write a great description about your story. Then, develop a great story plot.

I learned that he is a trial attorney!

If you know anything about attorneys, most can’t write very well, besides the hen scratch handwriting. This guy has something the others seem to lack. Again, I knew I should read the book.

So far, I like what I have read. The topics include pursuing pleasures, gratitude, lazy Sundays, and kindness to name a few. The chapters are short and the book is 151 pages.

For those of us who feel stressed, have anxiety, and depression could benefits by learning simple techniques that will make you smile and bring some happiness to brighten mood.

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