Another Day

Today was another one of “those days.” I missed my allergy appointment because I was thinking it was for tomorrow. Guess I’ll have to call tomorrow and reschedule. The day was somewhat productive though. I managed to vacuum out one of the couches and cleaned the cushions. All the stains came out and they look really good.

My pain levels have not been good today. Everything hurts and meds aren’t working. Then to top it off, I had to go look for Sophie twice today, Baby Girl came to visit, and Sabrina is staying overnight. Had to make dinner late because Steve was busy at the shop and I ate before he got here. He brought two new used recliners home today so I have a new chair. The stressors that exhaust me were plenty today… especially the pain.

No appointments tomorrow so it should be a low key day. Maybe I can get the pain under control. The pain is the worst stressor because most days it never lets up. I try to NOT take pain meds because they make me tired and cannot take Advil or aspirin because I had a gastric bypass done and they could cause an ulcer. Tylenol doesn’t do anything. I feel most for those who have emotional pain because it can last for days and there’s really no meds for the pain. It’s a different kind of pain. Sometimes emotional pain can get unbearable and makes you feel like you are in a void where nothing matters at all. This is dangerous too.

My prayer is that tomorrow will be a good day. Near pain free and somewhat productive. I think tonight I will paint or draw with gel pens as my meditation. I find it very relaxing and it keeps my mind off the pain. I got a new gadget yesterday to help me with drawing and I will have to try it out soon. There are some pictures I would like to draw and paint. All in all, there’s really nothing I have to do tomorrow so the day is mine to do with as I please.

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