I haven’t forgotten about the blog just been very busy. Speaking of reconnecting, I have been trying to reconnect with an old friend. It’s been months since we’ve connected.

She works all the time, long hours, and nearly seven days a week. Being disabled prevents me from working while many of my friends still work. Some days I feel lonely and want to talk to someone but noone is home. Even kids and grandkids are working or in school.

I’ve cleaned house a million times. Check the mail everyday. Run errands. My companions are the dogs. They love 💕 to go for rides. But sometimes it’s the same things different days. Sometimes I long for human interaction.

My busy days are filled with driving to appointments. They are time consuming and sometimes a waste of time. It takes all day for medical appointments lately.

My computer isn’t working well tonight so, I am working on my phone. This week is filling up with appointments. I can feel the anxiety inside when I think about it. We are getting our first CoVid vaccine this week and have already scheduled a day for the second shot.

In some ways, I am reconnecting with people whether friends or acquaintances and a few new faces. Brief but it’s some human interaction.

I am contemplating where to go next with this blog. I can add podcasts of various topics and U-tube videos. There’s some decent ones out there. I may make my own podcast at some point.

Your input is welcome. Is there something you want more of?? What new topics would you be interested in?? Related to stress management? Was there something you didn’t understand or just wanted to know more about?

Arts and crafts for Stress management is a topic I have been thinking about. Things that keep the mind occupied while thinking 🤔

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