I enjoy writing, especially when time permits. I have a journal that I write in often and now my blog. I used to like writing essays and other papers when in school and college and always got good grades for my writing. The same happened when I wrote as a journalist. I wrote about many medically oriented topics and of course the usual topics that were part of my beat like political meetings, school meetings, and special events in our community. When I left the paper, so did many of my readers.

I find writing to be very relaxing and an opportunity to learn something new every day. It may require some research or phone calls but the research aids in building my knowledge base and I get the opportunity to meet a lot of neat people. One of my affirmations is to “acknowledge the some new learning everyday.” We never stop learning throughout our lives. There is always something new – no matter how small of a tidbit.

Doodling amidst my writing was another little hobby. In many of my old notebooks there are pictures of whatever I was learning, doodles of flowers and other stuff, and little comments and notes of encouragement. I still do this in my journal. Doodling is relaxing and often allows the release of stress, problems, and other troubling thoughts. Another stress reliever.

Writing (and doodling) are a great way to express what you are feeling. You can write anything for your own eyes only or to someone else you trust or need to communicate with. By releasing and expressing these feelings and thoughts, we alleviate the stress hormones that race through us and are able to calm our nerves and tempers. This then allows us to feel at ease and become able to interact more efficiently with children, family, or friends, co-workers and acquaintances. If done before bed, it promotes better and more restful sleep.

Writing is a great way to express yourself, create calmness in your life, and get great sleep when done at night. Later, when you re-read your words – you will find out something new about yourself. Maybe your handwriting changes, or your spelling becomes atrocious, or learn how you feel about yourself or someone else. It gives a brief look at what goes on inside you and your mind.


Published by Julie Spears

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