There are many πŸ’Š meds for depression, anxiety, mental illness, and many other disorders. Millions of meds are on the market and doctors don’t think twice when writing a script for their clients.

As individuals, we need to be aware of meds prescribed and symptoms they have a potential of causing. Sometimes the side effects are worse than the original symptoms.

We do have a choice as to whether or not to take them. Our society looks down on drug abuse but often doesn’t look to the cause of the abuse or the role society plays in causing the abuse.

This is where we, consumers, have to be knowledgeable and willing to say “no” if needed. If meds are effective and there are no or few tolerable side effects they can safely be taken. However; some are beyond tolerance.

I have refused meds because of side effects. My doctor ordered gabapentin for pain but, when I took the first dose I became anxious, paranoid, jittery and wanted to crawl out of my skin. The symptoms were horrible. That was the last time I took that med.

I have a program on my phone and a drug dictionary so I am aware of what to look for in a reaction. I’m also a nurse and that’s one important part of giving meds to others. The program ( and book have been helpful.

When dealing with stress related symptoms, it’s important to be aware of med effects and reactions. Meds can be helpful to alleviate symptoms and preventing further symptoms. IF they cause adverse reactions contact the doctor immediately and stop the med pending the doctors reply.

Meds can help and in other cases hurt. Knowledge is your best defense. Be aware.


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