I took out my adult coloring book and acrylic paint pens and worked on a picture for a little while. I find when I am alone or frustrated, coloring makes me feel content and relaxed. These pictures are very detailed so they take me a few days and I have to let the acrylic paint dry. Some I like when they are done and other I don’t like. Just depends on the type of picture I chose to work on.

I grew up in an extremely dysfunctional family so I learned to find solace in finding a quiet room and coloring. No one to yell at me or hit me. Just peace and quiet. The peace and quiet, I now realize, was my escape.

In this day and age, we need to remember some of those small creative activities we used to bide our time . They are effective in relieving stress and anxiety and give us time to think about situations and events that may be causing stress or anxiety. Other times it is just an escape from the world, just for a little while.

Now you can find all kinds of neat stuff like paint pens, watercolor pens, gel pens, fancy colored pencils and all kinds of paper or color books. I love looking at all the choices when I shop – there is just so much. I paint as well. I enjoy painting for the same reasons as coloring.

Give it a try. Start with a shopping spree and then create your space and have some fun.


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