I received a Readers Digest and there were two articles that were pertinent to Stress Management. Lift Your Own Spirits talked about negative emotions and the need to create positive emotions.

Negative emotions can be helpful when it makes us aware of a situation that we need to focus our energy on. But negativity can spiral out of control when a particular circuit won’t shut down. This can cause sleep problems, physical stress symptoms, or we may keep rehashing the situation. These are signs that we need to apply tools that can break the cycle and alleviate the anxiety.

Some suggestions include the following:

  • Self – talk : talk to yourself in second person. Eg. “(Your name), you seem pretty nervous about this meeting.” This will get you into problem solving mode quicker.
  • Change your view – like looking out a different window, you change the perspective and look at the event differently. This also changes the emotional response.
  • Do something you are good at – routinely do activities that improve or make your skills better.
  • Reminiscing- tell stories about the past to others. This bolsters self – esteem and promotes a sense of identity.
  • Believe that you matter – you are important and worthy of consideration.
  • Share your feelings – carefully – feedback gets you past the negative emotion. Talk to people who lift you up and make spirits lighter.
  • Get moving – exercise is good for stress management and mental health. You also develop a sense of competence and accomplishment. It should be something you enjoy, stick to it, and gives a moderate challenge. A run or a brisk walk is just as helpful.


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