Appointments are rapidly filling my calendar. One good thing is they are closer to home as I have two new specialists – one for my back and an immunologist. Seems like appointments are getting more time consuming. I hurry to make sure I’m on time and then find myself waiting and waiting … because they overbooked the schedule.

Sometimes I wonder if the cost and time are worth my efforts. There’s limited meds I can take for pain and other resources are limited too (like a pool or spa). We live at a distance from many places and small towns don’t usually have the resources available.

Travel is not a good thing for me especially long distance. My conditions make it difficult to stay awake. I have fallen asleep at the wheel a couple times. The sun in the early morning adds to the inability to keep my eyes open. It’s scary for me and anyone else in the car with me. I am doing better these days and am able to stop and take a break before traveling on.

Back to appointments – at least they help me occupy my daytime hours and give me other rooms and people that I normally would not see. I would be home sitting in my chair, watching tv, and spending time with my puppies. Not getting out and doing other activities makes for a monotonous day. My puppies like going for a ride too so we go to the Post Office most mornings. Sophie gets really sad when she can’t go for a ride and she’s expressive with her face and behaviors. Dude is ok and likes the time to sleep. He’ll go more once the snow clears. (He’s getting old and doesn’t like snow)

Maybe the new doctors will have some alternate ideas to control my symptoms and pain. I don’t think I would mind so much if I felt better. My friend won’t be able to go with me so I have to proceed with caution.


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