Computers as a Stressor

Somehow I lost a post that I wrote last night. I posted using my phone and it never made it to it’s destination on my blog.

Computers can be a stress producer like anything else in our lives. From lost documents to corrections and games, they can frustrate people to the point of violence. Controllers get thrown across the room or at other players and lost documents can bring a person to tears.

I taught a Basic Computers Program at the local college. It was meant for elderly and anyone who wanted to learn the basics of using a computer. A doctor attended the class and brought his personal computer to use. He was having several problems with operations until it finally crashed and he couldn’t get in at all. I went through my usual checklist only to determine that he did not have a virus program and had contracted a virus. He was upset. He didn’t know that he needed anti-virus program. I suggested he take it to a computer specialist to see if it could be resurrected. He thought I was going to get his computer up and running. He finally left the class.

Those that were dedicated to learning came the full course. Only one other lady dropped out. She was a nurse and needed to learn computer skills for her job. She wasn’t able to follow simple directions and was so frustrated. Her learning curve was very low and so was her self-esteem and confidence. I spent several classes standing next to her and personally guiding her and she still said she couldn’t do it. She needed more than that class was offering. The rest of the class proceeded and learned the materials without any problem.

I still wish I could find a copy of the Computer Dictionary. It was a phenomenal book and had everything you could possibly need to know in it. I am pretty knowledgeable about using a computer but the technical stuff sometimes blows my mind. I walk away several times and the start the process over. When a computer is making me feel frustrated walking away and doing a short meditation allows me to rebalance and look at things more clearly. It reduced the stress in my system and gives me a fresh “board” to start with. I have been able to figure out a lot of issues this way. Including setting up this site.

There are so many things in life that will frustrate us but if we learn the ways to reduce frustration, agitation and physical responses to the stressor, we can manage the stress and complete whatever needs to be done. This at times may include finding solutions to various problems. I have created a program that provides the basics of stress management (without all the technical, biological, and medical info) in order to provide techniques useable for relief. There are seven parts.


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