I watched Kelly and Ryan this morning and they had a nice segment on rituals. It was very informative. The author of Ritual Roadmap was on and talked about the importance of rituals in our lives.

Rituals help ground us. They increase good hormones and decrease cortisol ( the stress hormone).

Rituals can be simple like your morning Ritual of having coffee. Ryan talked about bath time when he lights a candle, burns incense and takes a lavender bath to calm and relieve stress from a hectic day.

One that I do is when I get my am coffee. I put the coffee on, let the cat outside, and get my big mug out and put it near the coffee pot. When I have my coffee, I love the aroma and the warmth on my hands from the hot cup before I take my first sip.

Rituals are a routine you start or do intentionally that brings calmness and grounding during the day, whether done in the morning, afternoon, or evening.

I guess I will get the book because I want to know more about what the author has to say.

What are your rituals???


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