Communication is when something is expressed from a sender to a receiver. This communication may be verbal, it may be a look, or hand signs and signals, or written words. The sender is the person that initiates the communication and the recipient is the one who receives and/or interprets the communication. They may or may not respond depending on the recipient chosen.

That being said – communication is important in stress relief because it allows the sender to express the who, what, why, when, and/or where aspects of what is causing the stress. It is often a good way to start letting off the steam caused by the stressor. We are able to share our emotions in reference to our stressor with another being.

We all have shared at one time or another. The receiver can be another person, your cat/dog, God (or your particular higher being), a plant, or your journal. We have all talked to another being, pet lovers talk to their pets, plant lovers talk to their plants and we talk to ourselves or God through verbal or written words. They are all acceptable ways to communicate.

When you verbalize your stressor you let off steam, and take the power away from the stressor while empowering yourself. The stressor becomes less of a threat. Your symptoms subside and you can clearly think though the situation. It is safer than other alternatives. We can also get feedback from the receiver (provided they are human) and maybe some guidance or calm reassurance.

Writing in a journal does the same thing with the exception that you physically see why the stressor bothers you. You, in essence, write your way through the problem and hopefully, find a solution. When you read it after the situation is resolved you can see the thought processes you exhibited during the stressful situation. You may even see changes in your writing style. How did you react initially? What happened as the situation de-escalated?

As you think back through the situation, what were your positive responses? What did you do to relieve the stress symptoms? What was the resolution? What would you do differently?


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