I have been trying various media when doing my pictures. I have tried watercolor, gel pens, acrylic paint – so far. Each has their advantages and disadvantages which I find frustrating.

I put the picture aside and go back to working on it a little while later. When I get tired it makes it hard to get the effects that I want to achieve.

My illnesses play a role in this too. Symptoms like shaky hands or inability to make a line are upsetting to me. I have to take a break – this can be hard because my mind is wanting to continue but my body doesn’t.

This is where some relaxation plays a strong role. It lets my body relax and let’s me reset mentally before starting again. Today was just one of those days.

Using relaxation techniques allows me to reset and keeps me from responding in other ways that are non – productive or destructive. The goal being to maintain balance and control over the stressors.


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