I like working with colors and have found that art is an amazing stress reliever. It quiets the mind and allows the body to release stress. It’s like leaving everything behind and out of your mind…at least for a little while.

This week, I have been painting with watercolor and coloring with gel pens. I have a large collection of gel 🖊️ pens. The 🖼️ pictures are amazing. My theme right now is enchanted forest friends and you can be creative with color combinations.

Awhile ago I ordered watercolor 🖊️ pen ( brushes ). I do have a variety of watercolor paints and brushes and thought the paint pens would come in handy. I ran 2 dry and found if I added a few drops of water to the pen, I can extend the use of the colors. There are so many varieties to choose from … Pick your preference.

When I get tired or frustrated I can put the picture aside to let it dry and do something else. Later I return to the picture and resume my artwork.

I also like to draw/sketch but my mind has been too busy to focus. This type of 🎨 art takes a bit more relaxation before beginning…at least it does for me. But drawing can be relaxing too once you figure out what works best for you.

Diamond painting is another favorite. I’ll probably get to this art at some point this year too.

Anyways, you may try this as a stress reliever. I think you’ll find it relaxing to do. If nothing else, get a coloring book and a box of crayons or markers. It’s cheap and has the same effect. Enjoy!


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