I posted Part 6 on journal writing. I write in my journal almost every day and especially when stressors seem out of control. It let’s me voice my thoughts and feelings in any way I need to express what’s happening.

There are times when I skip a night for some reason or another but I always resume my writing. It’s okay to miss a night here or there as long as you resume the next day.

Journal writing is one form of communication that is private to you. You make the decision to share or not.

Communication is the next part of Stress Free. This involves verbal communications. There’s active and passive communication.

Sometimes we need to let go of anger or other emotions. You choose how to express what you feel.

The goal of stress management is to relieve and/or eliminate the stressors and return to a state of balance. There are many ways to do this, only you know what works best for you.


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