Stress Free: Part 6

Journal Writing

Writing is a good way to express your thoughts, feelings, prayers, experiences, enjoyment, art … The list goes on. It’s a meditative exercise.

You will need a notebook and a pen or pencil. I like to get a special notebook… something with a colorful cover or other adornment. A simple spiral notebook is ok too. Your pen can be any color (body and ink), it can have feathers, sparkles, or a favorite phrase. I like having my gel pens or colored pencils handy too ( incase I want to doodle or draw).

Sometimes you may find it difficult to begin writing. This is where doodles and colored pencils come in handy. You can start with one word, a prayer, a picture…. it all adds to your private 📖.

Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or syntax. Do what’s comfortable to you. Not everyone is a perfect speller. Unless you are looking to write and publish a book/novel, the idea is to get your thoughts on paper as completely as you can. This is a book that you can keep private or you can share on your own terms.

I like to be as complete as possible. I’ll describe things in detail, like the little blonde headed boy with dirty coveralls that lives down the street. Using the who, what, why, when, where and how helps you to add helpful details that enhance understanding of your written words.

Writing allows you to relieve stress by telling your “story.” How you managed the stressor and your symptoms allows you to identify what helped or what did not help.

After writing for a few days, read what you wrote. What do you learn from what you wrote? Was your writing neat or scribbled rapidly? We’re you stressed when you started? How did your writing change between the beginning and the end of each days writing?

Write about what you learned and then continue with your daily writing. I like to write in the evening or at bedtime. I light a candle and do a brief meditation before writing.

It gets easier the more you write. As you develop your own routine, you will come to look forward to this bit of time spent on you.

Write, write, write …


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