Another Stress Reliever

I’ve been sitting here petting Kiki, my cat, and trying to decide what I wanted to write for tonight’s blog.

I watched as Kiki mellowed and closed her eyes. She was enjoying every stroke and kept the tip of her tail moving gently as if reminding me that she was still awake just meditating.

I realize the benefit of pets. Especially when feeling alone, sad, anxious, and stressed. As I pet her, the calmness enters me and makes me feel better too. Cats can be cuddly. Their purr, like a gentle song that brings my energy back to normal.

There’s a wide variety of critters that make good pets. They 💕 Love unconditionally and that’s really the only they look to get back besides the normal things like food, water, and walks.

I have cats and dogs. Two of each. They are good companions and often provide the comic relief that eases the mind and makes us laugh. Laughter is good for the soul.

This morning I woke to Kiki sleeping on my chest. I quietly watched as she took her time yawning, then stretching, and slowly sauntering off to the side where she sat watching me.

It started the day slowly and calmly. The peaceful temperament has been with me all day.

What a great stress relief tool. One of those things that we often don’t recognize because it requires us to be aware of everything else around us.


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