Daily Stress

Keeping busy was my chosen task for today. It’s Saturday so, I normally do house cleaning – I did some cleaning including changing litter and puppy pads, and mopping. This exhausts me physically.

Other than that, I was busy on the internet looking up stuff and playing games. My knee is throbbing with pain.

I took a shower just to get hot water on my knee and back for pain. It helped for a little while but now the pain is back. Now waiting for pain meds to kick in.

All these things stress me physically, mentally, and spiritually. Due to the health issues, these tasks take an exceptional amount of energy to complete. I keep hoping that my health will improve with the efforts but it doesn’t seem to be working that way.

Monday I have PT. Even that seems to take a lot of effort. Soon I will see my back doctor again and have decided that if I get blown off again I will set an appointment with a different back doctor.

As I think about everything, I have come to realize that any and everything can be a stressor. It takes a personal effort (and will) to face up to these stressors and successfully overcome with personal inner strength.

It helps to communicate with someone but sometimes no one is available. I write instead. Getting thoughts out helps alleviate the stress and keeps me calm. It keeps my mind busy.

Communication and journal writing will be my next topic. I think you’ll find that when used in conjunction with other techniques – the combination does wonders for the body, mind, and spirit.


Published by Julie Spears

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