I was thinking about my last post. Today, I recognized that the post reflected the fact that those situations were temporary and are improving with time. This is one of those things that we overlook when we are feeling agitated, depressed, anxious…

This is where writing in a journal or talking to someone can make us see the temporary-ness of the situations and events we face on a daily basis. These situations and events begin, climax, and eventually come to a conclusion. This is what we need to remember when going through the experience and why the stress reduction techniques are so important and need to be applied to these situations.

Similarly to reading or writing a novel we experience the onset, watch it grow to the peak, and then simmer to a conclusion. We get to experience the who, what, why, when, where and how as we reach for the ending. Unlike a story or novel, we are participants and have to resolve the situations in order to bring them to an end. The techniques we use can make this process easier by removing the rising tension and rebalancing us so we can function within the situation to reach a healthy resolution.

This next week will be the final chapter to the Stress Free Program. The final topics are communication and journal writing. That does not mean that is the end of Stress Free. It is only the beginning. As I find pertinent information I will continue to post. We will begin the process of writing (or telling) the story and seeing how it affects us and realization of our process and success. We have experiences every day and those experiences should be bringing awareness of life to the forefront so that when faced with similar situations the task will be easier and less stressing.


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