All is Well

So far all is well. No CoVid symptoms and only one day to go of quarantine. Everyone will be back in the swing of things. I’m hoping it hurries by because the package I have been waiting on has finally arrived at the Post Office and my mail box is probably overstuffed. (With mostly junk mail). I still have a package to mail out too.

My son had surgery and seems to be doing well with his recovery. He’s a guy that is busy all the time and he has had a difficult time with being disabled and having to be home for long periods of time. He owns a business and although his workers have kept it going he still worries about the work to be done.

My hubby has been going stir crazy and pulled out the refrigerator and cleaned behind it including dusting, sweeping and mopping. He washed down the sides of the fridge and then put it back in place. He left the job incomplete. He forgot to put back all the stuff he took down. Just like when he washes dishes- he floods the cupboard and doesn’t wipe up all the water when he is done.

I am still working on the crocheted Christmas toy. The yarn arrived but it’s slow going because the yarn is so thin. I’ll hopefully get it done by her birthday! I haven’t started any new crafts yet this year but I have plenty of time. I’m planning more stuffed animals for next Christmas.

Looking forward to fresh air and going someplace. I have to get some groceries and necessities and prescriptions from the pharmacy. Tomorrow I have to take my friend to her appointment. It’s an afternoon appointment and will make for a long day as it’s a distance from home. Guess it’s time to get back into the swing of things and the normal busy-ness of my life.

I have posted the latest Stress Free program info. Not much feedback yet. There’s one more section to go and the program will be complete. I would like to post some videos of the applicable techniques but need to learn how to get them from point A to point B.

Will keep in touch folks. Please if you have any feedback for me please post or message me. My email is on the contact page if you prefer to be private. Thanks for reading. Gods Light, Love and Blessings.


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