Stress Free Part 5

Visualization and Meditation

Visualization and Meditation go together but can be done seperately when needed. These two work with relaxing the mind, body, and soul. A meditation can take 15 minutes or 30 minutes depending on your preference. You may want a prerecorded meditation tape or as you advance just a tape of sounds or soft music or none at all. Visualization can take 5 minutes or more again depending on your preference.


To begin a visualization find a calm, quiet location. This may be a favorite chair, closing the office door and sitting in your chair, or sitting on a couch or bed. Find a comfortable location. If you prefer put on some gentle music and light a candle. Ambiance.

Take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly. Repeat a couple times. Close your eyes. Beginners often say that their mind is noisy. Just let those thoughts release from your mind and once they have slowed down or stopped, visualize a location you want to be, your get away location. This picture in your mind can be sitting on a beach, near a pond, or in a Hawaiian paradise. Anyplace you would rather be. Feel the comfort. Enjoy the warmth of sunshine as you see yourself sitting in that location. Smell the air around you. What do you hear? Stay there for a few minutes and then gradually “wake up” from your visualization. Open your eyes slowly. Reorient to your location and resume your day.

The first try may seem difficult to quiet the mind but even just doing this will release stress and tension and refresh your mind. A brief visualization may take 5 minutes while others may last as long as you prefer.


Follow the procedure for visualization, only this time you continue into the meditation instead of going through the “wake up.”

While meditating you can visualize walking through your paradise or contemplate troubling situations or look for solutions to problems you may be facing. Set your goal for the meditation.

Once you have gotten what you need, gradually “wake up,” slowly opening your eyes and orienting to your surroundings. If you fell asleep during the meditation, that is okay. It just means that your body needed the most relaxation. When you awaken, you will feel well rested and aware of the answer to what ever you concern was before starting the meditation.

As you continue to practice meditation it becomes easier to find that space. You will be able to find the releases and relaxation you need whenever you need to. My favorite place to meditate is in a rocking chair due to the gentle motion of rocking. I find that when I am too comfortable I fall asleep. (Like laying on the bed). If your goal is to find sleep, then by all means meditate when you go to bed.

If you have questions please message me so I can answer you. I want you to be able to proceed without difficulty.


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