CoVid has reached our home and family. We are under 10 day quarantine until Jan. 6. No symptoms after 4 days is a good sign.

My granddaughter works at a long term care facility. They test staff every week and this time it was positive. Poor kid is besides herself but there’s nothing she could do about it. She didn’t have any symptoms.

Everyone’s doing well. No major illnesses at this point.

Funny thing is that for me, most of the symptoms They describe I already have as part of my other illnesses. It could prove difficult to tell the difference between normal and CoVid.

Allergies cause sinus symptoms and runny nose; fibromyalgia causes all over pain and fatigue; Chronic Fatigue makes it hard to stay awake; while back pain causes pain and sciatica and keeps me awake along with insomnia. So the symptoms would have to be extreme 😜

I think I will fare okay through the quarantine. Have to stay positive and calm. There’s nothing I can do for now. No use fretting about it.

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