Stress Free Part 4B


Relaxation is important to releasing the tension that builds in your muscles as a result of being stressed. Tensed and overworked muscles build up lactic acid which needs to be released. This release allows the muscles to relax and thus adds to the overall relaxation of the mind and body. This can be done at anytime. A personal preference is when laying down to rest or going to bed at night because you can fall asleep once the cycle is done.

Begin by getting comfortable. A cozy chair or bed work the best.

  • If you have gentle music play that for background ambience
  •  Begin by just getting into a comfortable position
  • Relax your mind before you begin. Listen to the music, visualize a special place, or do a brief meditation.Once the mind stress of the day subsides you will begin the body relaxation.
  • Starting with your head and neck : turn your head side to side and forward and back to release the tension in the neck muscles. Continue as long as necessary until you no longer feel the tension in the neck muscles.
  • Shoulders and arms: tighten, hold, and release the muscles starting at the shoulder, then the upper arm, forearm, hands. Continue until the muscles feel relaxed before moving on.
  • Torso: again tighten, hold and release the muscles in your chest, abdomen, back. Continue to tighten and release until that section of the body feels relaxed before moving on.
  • Hips, legs and feet: Starting with the hips/buttocks – tighten, hold, release the muscle tension until the muscles feel relaxed, then move to the thigh, shin, ankles, feet individually tightening and releasing the tension.
  • Once you have completed the exercise on the feet, relax and get a sense of how your body feels. Does it feel relaxed? Are there any areas that need to be done again? If not, while you relax visualize a light – any color you prefer – bring it down through the crown of your head and through the body, down the legs and out the bottom of the feet. Feel the comfort and warmth that comes from the light.

Caution: DO NOT do immediately before operating any machinery as you may be drowsy or sleepy.

If you have questions please feel free to message me.


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