This year we are having Christmas 🌲 on Sunday. The best day for us to have a small gathering. Although this time will be spent with children and grandchildren – our Christmas πŸŽ„ day was pretty good.

I got more gifts from my hubby than normal and except for the wrong size on one item he liked his gifts too.

The day was quiet and relaxing. I made a chicken dinner ( we’re having ham Sunday).

Just the kind of day we needed given our hectic lifestyle ☺️ My yarn finally arrived and I have been working on my last Christmas gift. My granddaughter anxiously waiting for it to be done.

All in all, I think the holiday is going well even with the Covid-19 lingering.

No specific plans for New year’s but that’s okay. What we need will manifest in due time. Have a bottle of my favorite wine and a lot 🍷 of munchies given we already have 11″ of 🌨️ snow with more on the way.


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