Still Waiting

Well, I have had my fill with gift shopping for this year. I shopped mostly online, and have run into several problems this year. One vendor cancelled my order and forgot to send a cancellation notice after 6 weeks! So came the hustle to replace the gifts.

Some of the new orders came in record time, yet others haven’t arrived. I needed to send one to Boston, and the others will need to be wrapped WHEN THEY GET HERE. My prayer is that they arrive by Saturday because we are doing Christmas on Sunday. I’m keeping my faith and hope strong.

Waiting can be nerve wracking especially when it’s in reference to something important. Often I get jittery, jiggle my foot, sigh, pace….but that just seems to make it worse. Then when I finally settle with a magazine or a puzzle of some sort that I’m called to deal with whatever issue I was there for.

In this case, I have had to be patient. I can’t make the mail move any faster, nor the delivery guys. My yarn isn’t here yet either. My yarn is normally here within a week. Not this time. I know, I know—it’s the holiday season. Tons of mail, greeting cards, gifts and orders exceed the norm at this time of year.

Back to my meditation and visualization. Maybe the boxes will manifest in record time. Who knows?? I’m going to remain calm so I can get other things done in the meantime.


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