Need for Rest

Isn’t it funny how rapidly life moves? Seems like yesterday was Monday and it’s Friday already! Every day was full to the brim and overflowing with tasks.

Sometimes we forget that the busy-ness of life can be a stressor. We forget to slow down and give our mind, body, and spirit a rest. Then one day we flop into a big comfy chair and as we begin to relax we recognize the we’re exhausted on all levels of our being.

We feel tired, our bodies ache, and we feel drained. This is our body, mind and spirit saying it’s time for a break.

These are the times we find we stub our toes, drop items, or get injured in some way because we cannot focus or lose the awareness of what’s around us. These are times we need to rest. Not just a nap but 💤 sleep – the deep rest that lets your body heal and recoup on all levels.

This has been one of those weeks and it’s chronic because there is always a next week. I take the week in stride but some days can be more trying than others. I rely on simple techniques to keep my balance. Once I am home I can focus on a more in-depth technique like journal writing or meditation. Mostly, I remember to take one day at a time in order to work through the week 😃.

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