Christmas is coming

We have about a week and it will be Christmas ☃️ day! Like Thanksgiving there’s a bustling in the air as we prepare for the holiday.

There’s gifts and food to be bought. Presents to wrap and in some cases to ship out. We worry that we don’t miss anything or anyone on our lists.

Wrapped 🎁 gifts are piling up, ready for our Loved ones to open them. We anxiously want to see the joy they express and hope no one is disappointed.

Children/grandchildren are racing around and talking about what they want for Christmas 🎄 and trying to bite their tongues so they don’t give away what they purchased at the Santa Store at school. Their excitement just bursting for all to see.

But when it’s done and the let down comes we’ll all sleep 😴 sound as we recoup from the busy-ness of the season. This is probably the best thing we’ll need to do as we will soon prepare for the new year to begin.

Merry Christmas to all.

I will hold off on posting Stress Free program topics until after Christmas, knowing that everyone is busy. But I will still post and remind you to apply your simple techniques as you move forward towards the New Year.

Deep breathing, counting, simple quick meditation, relaxation…….


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