Stress Free Part 4 (A)

Today I am starting with simple methods of stress reduction. Using these techniques can help defuse a situation and make it easier to get through that situation without a blow-up. They are meant to slow down the stress response or even stop the response from escalating.

The first is counting to 10 SLOWLY. This can be done out loud or quietly to yourself. This allows time to realign to whatever is going on and calm the stress response.

Deep Breathing – This allows you to rebalance your energy and alleviate stress symptoms. This can be done in a place where you can be alone. To do this stand with a wide stance, arms at your side, close your eyes. Begin by taking a deep breath through your nose (mouth closed). Hold it for a few seconds and SLOWLY breathe out through your mouth. Repeat several times until you feel balanced and at ease.

Brief Meditation – This can take as little as five minutes to help you rebalance and calm the stress response. Go into a room where you can be alone. Begin with the deep breathing exercise above. With eyes closed visualize your relaxation space. You do not have to necessarily visualize, as some just find the silence within. Allow yourself to relax in that space. When you feel calm and balanced, do a few deep breaths and gradually open your eyes.

Doodling – Doodling on a piece of paper will draw your attention away from the situation at hand. It causes you to refocus your thinking and responses to the situation. If you save them and look back after a few days you can see the changes that occur in the doodling as the stress subsides.

If all else fails – walk away. Leave the situation until you can calm and rebalance yourself. Go for a walk, sit in a quiet room, listen to calming music, whatever creates that calm within you.

These are simple techniques to prevent a full out stress response. If you can stop it before it escalates there will be a better outcome overall. This works in many situations and can be used with more extensive releases as well. We start with little steps and move to larger ones as the program progresses.

Let me know how they worked for you. What problems did you have? Where were you? The who, what, why and when of your release. What was your relaxation space like?


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