Sunday Sunday

Another rainy Sunday and I don’t have anything I have to do. One whole day to recoup from the week. I do have to decide what to make for dinner but my hubby is home too so, maybe he has some ideas too. He may decide to go to Wally World and get something different.

Today is a good day to do some meditation and a nap. I wanted and need to crochet the rest of a doll for Christmas but am waiting because I needed to order more white yarn. Its got to be done for Christmas.

I’ve gradually been wrapping gifts and finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I only have one person to shop for. Still have a pile of gifts to wrap, but I will succeed!

Christmas is two-weeks away! Another holiday to get through. I’ll touch on some basic stress reduction techniques before the holiday on the Stress Free Program. There are several travel friendly techniques to help de-stress you through the holiday.

Hubby’s birthday is next week. So far this holiday season we have Thanksgiving and my birthday, our 42nd anniversary, his birthday, Christmas, New Years, followed by two more birthdays. Our holiday season seems to start with Halloween and run through March.

My son and his family in Boston, may not make it home this year due to Covid. I’ll have to mail their gifts. Hopefully before Christmas. I’ll let the kids know incase they have stuff to send too. I pray everyday that this virus is brought under control. I’m an at risk person and those masks make it hard to breathe. Besides that its not good to rebreathe your own carbon dioxide especially when wearing the masks for long periods.

I guess that’s it for my thoughts this morning. There’s more time later to add another post. Have a relaxing Sunday. Later. Comments are always welcome.


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