Keeping My Cool

The next part of the Stress Free Program has been posted.

My computer is in slow-mode today and everything is taking a long time to load or not loading at all. I did a virus check and a computer check and it’s all ok. Sometimes computers can be a stressor too. There are days that are good and days that are bad that can really stress me. Not to mention everything else going on.

My son had surgery and it was more extensive than anticipated. The bone was broken in 3 places and the ligaments and tendons were caught in the dislocated ankle joint. I hate seeing my kids in pain but I know that the problem is fixed and healing has to occur. Sometimes my impatience gets the better of me.

Have you ever had to deal with Social Security and Medicare?? Both on the same day? Neither one knows what the other is doing and sometimes they don’t even know their own jobs. I called Social Security and they referred me to Medicare who then referred me back to Social Security. Today, I was on a three-way conference call and suddenly Social Security has access to the information needed! The end result was an email to the Processing Center to get Social Security to activate my retroactive Medicare. Mind you this has been going since May. Hopefully this will get resolved ASAP.

Then I was on the phone with a Self Publishing School. The guys made it sound fabulous but the whole time I was wondering “How much?” I let him go through the whole process and then had to tell him I could not afford to enroll. I would love to but money is tight right now. He had all kinds of options including a payment plan, credit card, and Paypal credit (that didn’t go through). I have started books and have had magazine and web articles published along with articles when I wrote as a journalist. I’m a published poet too. I think this was the least stressful part of my day and probably his most stressful day. I smiled when I got off the phone because he was so excited about getting my book published. Made me feel good to have such encouragement.

All in all, my day wasn’t too bad (I guess). I have a positive belief that my son will heal, I anticipate information from Social Security, and I enjoyed the phone call and my computer has sped up. Good way to compensate for any stressors in my day.


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