I chose the sand ripples today because they seem so symbolic of life’s constant changes and ups/downs of each day. Some of the changes are small and gradual while others are much larger. Each situation or event whether a small or large change will produce some stress but, if we know how to remain calm and balanced we can take some of the stress down to a manageable level.

The ripples may last a few minutes, a day or more depending on how we handle the stress. Learning to break the cycle of stress, allows us to function more efficiently. If we can stop the stress response or reduce its impact, the symptoms will subside and let us move forward unscathed and more able to handle the next ripple to arise.

I’ll remember to use my skills and techniques to get through each ripple that touches my day. I will empower myself to move forward with strength and grace. Let go and let God perform in my life.


Published by Julie Spears

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