Stress Free Part 2 Pg.1 has been posted. I hope that the information I am providing is helping you to become aware of the stress in your life and you know that good changes need to be made.

I did this some time ago and have made changes to alleviate the stress. I learned everything I could and applied a variety of techniques to alleviate the stress I was experiencing at that time. The techniques, once learned, stay with you. Eventually you will make your own modifications to what suits you and your schedule. I still use them when I feel stressed.

Part 2 will have more information coming before we get into the symptoms. These symptoms, if they become chronic, can lead to illnesses due to the physical ways they stress the body. So in essence, the stress is causing more harmful stress in the body. If we don’t do something now, it may become too late for the techniques to be helpful.


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