Evening Thoughts

Our dish provider cut our favorite channel last week. I find myself missing the programs I enjoyed. Watching other channels just wasn’t the same. Besides that, many of the channels had Christmas programs, some I have already seen either this year or last. A minimal stressor but still the change has led to other changes too.

When watching a new show, I find myself doing other things like reading, writing, crocheting, feeding the pets… Tonight I’m feeling anxious to boot. I believe it is a combination of current life events and TV changes. Time for a meditation or rebalancing or deep breathing or maybe all.

My mind seems to have difficulty focusing when I am anxious. (The old ADHD.) I start to read and then I find my mind drifting off to something else. I finished the section I was reading and set the book aside planning to crochet.

I get out all my supplies and prepare to crochet only to find out that the piece I was working on is nowhere to be found! So I began moving stuff around, going through bags and shelves and cabinets to no avail. So came the decision that I needed to do something else.

The dogs began getting restless and according to the clock it was past feeding time. I let Sophie outside and began preparing their food. (Taking it out of the can, slicing and dicing, and finally feeding them.) By the time Sophie comes back inside, Dude has eaten almost all the food on the dish! So I fixed a small plate for her.

Once done with feeding time, I went back to searching for the missing crochet item, still to no avail. I checked my supplies and needed skeins of white eyelash yarn. No white eyelash yarn in my box. To do next? Get online to order some eyelash yarn and then…

I needed to search Target for puppy pads, only to find out that due to the holiday there was no shipping to my address! They were reserving supplies for their local shoppers. So, the list for the week begins with finding a store with XL sized puppy pads because my supply only has enough for one more change.

Then I decided to write this. My thoughts have been all over the place tonight and writing helps with the sorting process. It doesn’t get the tasks done but it helps with reorganization. Seems like everything today has a hick-up somewhere in the process. Writing is a valuable tool when dealing with stressors. It allowed me a mode of self expression, a chance to decompress, and the reminder to balance my energy and relax for the night.

I guess I should get back to my show. I can finish sorting tomorrow.

God’s light, love and Blessings for a restful evening and night.


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